Salesforce® solutions are an established set of products like Sales Cloud®, Services Cloud®, Community Cloud®, etc. that forms the Salesforce Customer Success Platform. These products or applications are designed to address specific operational needs of an organisation. However, these are standard applications and every business has operations that are unique in their own way with unique processes and workflows.

To address these needs, we help you with Salesforce customization and develop custom applications, tailor-made for your needs. Our Salesforce® Solution Architects understand your requirements and design solutions to address your needs in the best way. Apart from Salesforce Apex and Visualforce, we also hold expertise in implementing JavaScript, jQuery, AngularJS, etc. to give your custom application dynamic look and feel.


In today’s fast moving world, it is imperative that the power of your applications is accessible from anywhere at anytime on the go. Gone are those days when you had to go back to your desktops to get your work done. Salesforce® Mobile Application Development Platform brings the flexibility of developing mobile solutions. With Salesforce® Lightning, you can now develop an app in no time that is also Mobile responsive.

Our Salesforce® Mobility Solution experts use the latest mobile technologies to build highly customizable Salesforce® Mobile Apps, Native/Cross Platform, specific to your business needs. With our help, you can now integrate your data, custom apps, CRM and business processes across multiple devices seamlessly.


Our Implementation and Integration Services are designed to bring together Cloud, Mobile and Social Technology expertise together to ensure that your business requirements are met and your business operations run seamlessly.

Implementation Services: Our Implementation begins with Actionable Strategy, understanding your business goals to improve your employee and customer experience. Our team follows a set of best practices to turn your desired business state into a concrete set of technical and business processes and ensure successful deployments of complex projects.

Integration Services: It can be a challenge to choose the right approach and find resources to implement complex integrations. Our team has the experience with traditional and cloud middleware, and APIs to help you develop right architecture and integration strategy for your applications. We offer services to help organisations integrate cloud and on-premise solutions.


Every business organisation is unique with its set processes, people, core values and purpose. With a variety of technologies like Cloud, Mobile, On-Premise and many more, there isn’t a solution that fits all businesses without any customization. It takes someone exceptional who has been in your shoes and understands your challenges to give a solution that is customized for your need. Our Salesforce® Certified Consultants understand your business and are with you at every step of the way to help you get moving and deliver results quickly.

It starts with actionable recommendations that can be deployed immediately to help you:

Adapt: To the new technologies to improve employee and customer experience                                                          Ensure: That this change is boosting the business outcomes                                                        Deliver: Affordable solution which is critical in enabling outcomes and delivering results


A well defined support system is the mark of a good system implementation to ensure the success of an initiative. We provide Support and Cloud Management services to deliver advice, customization support, enhancements and system administration.

This cost effective and high quality support ensure that your priority issues are quickly resolved and your enhancements requests are addressed immediately. You can also extend your team with experienced admin resources without investing time in recruiting and retaining for peak demands.

With every Salesforce® release, we ensure that your applications are optimized and upgraded at regular intervals.


Having an interactive and efficient system like Salesforce® solutions is not enough.To get the best results out of Salesforce® solutions, it is necessary to keep your data lean, clean and updated at all times. Only then can you trust the information that Salesforce® would give you based upon the data present in it.

To keep your organization lean and clean, we help you with a consistent process to build, test and deploy changes.

Build: Define functional requirements and develop the needful changes.                                                      Test: Test these changes and verify that they behave the way you expect without causing any undesired side-effects.                                                                    Deploy: After successful testing, deploy these changes in production and train the people about the changes.


To gain maximum ROI from any application, it is important to understand its functionalities and how to use it in the right way. Our Salesforce® Training allows you to improve user adoption within your organization, therefore enhancing the and improving your long-term ROI. Our team is proficient to provide training to your team on Salesforce® modules, custom developed and standard.

With our training, you can:

  • Re-engage staff and address problem areas
  • Ensure that your organization is following the best practices to get the most out of your Salesforce® applications
  • Make sure that your staff is up-to-speed with the
    managed changes like application upgradation and customization

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