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We understand how to use your investment in various technologies and provide expert consultation, development, and best practices experience to facilitate genuine business transformation.

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Robust Solutions Based On Any Technology

Whether you are new to Salesforce or Microsoft Technology stack or have been using it for years, the specialists at Blueflame Labs are available to assist you with any technology and requirement.

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Salesforce Expertise

Use our experienced pool of certified consultants who know everything there is to know about Salesforce products to your advantage.

Microsoft Expertise

Delivering value-driven solutions with the help of our experienced consultants using the Microsoft product stack.

NetSuite Expertise

Run your entire business smoothly with the help of our experts implementing NetSuite Solutions for you.

Rootstock Expertise

Get a comprehensive solution that can streamline your manufacturing operations leading to optimized efficiency levels.

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Bespoke Solutions For Your Unique Business Needs

Provide a competitive advantage to your firm through the use of custom applications that address your unique business requirements. No matter what kind of technology you want to use, our experts can help. This includes Salesforce, Microsoft, NetSuite, Conga, and open-source technologies like JavaScript and Angular. Our professionals can make a custom application for you that meets all of your needs from every angle.

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Access Applications On The Go Anytime, Anywhere

No need to return to your desktop to complete your work. Enjoy the mobile-first experience for your organisation from anywhere. Have a rare chance to interact with your customers and streamline your firm’s internal operations. Our mobile team can assist you in developing native or cross-platform mobile applications for your business. With our help, you can now easily connect all of your data, custom apps, CRM, and business processes across all of your devices.

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Take Existing Technology Stack To The Next Level

The best way to integrate technologies lies with Blueflame Labs! Our Implementation and Integration Services smoothly combine skills in cloud, mobile, and social technologies to make sure that your business needs are met and that your business operations don’t stop. Our team’s knowledge of both traditional middleware and cloud-based middleware, as well as APIs, can help you find the best way to design and integrate your applications. We provide services to assist businesses in integrating cloud and on-premises technologies.

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Sky’s The Limit With A Right Support System

Successful system implementation is characterised by a well-defined support system, and with our Support and Cloud Management services for consultation, customising support, system administration, and upgrades, you can guarantee the viability of an initiative. As part of our managed services, we offer both on-site and off-site support modules to help people quickly and at a low cost. We make sure that your most important issues are dealt with quickly and that you can add experienced administrative staff to your team without having to spend time finding and keeping them.

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Have A Product In Mind? Let’s Execute It!

Bringing your product to life is our mission! First, we make sure we understand what you want, and then we design the product’s architecture with the end result in mind. We guarantee that we will be with you to the very end. We help you validate the idea after it has been made, and we help you define and plan the product roadmap. In the post-product development phase, we make sure that your product is listed on the right platform. This includes helping with security evaluation and providing support and help after development.

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Enable Smooth Adoption By Training Your Staff!

Creating an application or integrating technology is not the end! It is also essential to comprehend the functionality and usage. To achieve optimal adoption, our consultants assist you in strengthening user adoption, thereby maximising long-term ROI. Our team is qualified to provide your team with training on various modules, including Salesforce, Microsoft, and custom-built solutions. With our training, you will be able to re-engage employees and ensure your company follows best practices and that your employees know how to handle managed changes like application upgrades and changes.

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Enhance Your Website's Accessibility with Blueflame Labs!

Blueflame Labs specializes in enhancing website accessibility, ensuring everyone can access and interact with online content. Their Web Accessibility Conformance services involve comprehensive audits tailored to each website's unique needs. They offer customized solutions and hands-on support for implementing accessibility features, helping businesses reach a wider audience and improve user experience. Accessibility not only meets legal requirements but also enhances SEO performance and mitigates legal risks. By prioritizing accessibility, businesses demonstrate their commitment to diversity and inclusion. Contact Blueflame Labs for a consultation to create a more inclusive online presence.

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