Streamlining Certification Procedures with AGC Community Flow

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Streamlining Certification Procedures with AGC Community Flow

AGC Community Flow partnered with the client, a leader in FSC Chain of Custody certification, to resolve their challenges in capturing user information, facilitating payment processing, and enhancing customer communication. Utilizing AGC Community Flow's proficiency in developing Lightning communities and custom lightning components, the client was able to significantly enhance their certification processes.

  • Challenges Faced By The Client:

The client encountered the following obstacles in their certification workflows:

Capturing User Information: The existing process lacked a unified flow to capture essential user information, such as contact data and required certification scope.

Payment Processing: The client required a secure and efficient method for capturing payment information and processing payments seamlessly.

Communication and Documentation: Improved communication channels were necessary to notify customers of the submission and payment status of certificates. Additionally, it was necessary to provide users with generated documents through a streamlined document generation process.

  • Solutions Provided by the AGC Community Flow:

AGC Community Flow implemented the following solutions to resolve the client's difficulties and optimize their certification processes:

Lightning Community and Custom Lightning Component: AGC Community Flow created a Lightning community as a centralized platform for users to interact with the certification process. A custom lightning component was integrated into the community to provide users with an intuitive flow-like interface for precisely capturing their information. The collected data was stored in a custom certification object, along with associated account and contact records. Additionally, a custom record for outsourcing was created to monitor pertinent information.

Payment Information Capture and Processing: AGC Community Flow developed a custom lightning component to securely capture payment information. Utilizing the Square API, the component enabled seamless payment processing, thereby enhancing the customer experience. Custom settings were utilized to store API-related data, and a custom payment invoice object was created to monitor payment status information.

Improved Communication and Documentation: AGC Community Flow implemented an automated email solution to notify clients of payment confirmation and the creation of new user accounts. This enhancement increased customer satisfaction and ensured timely communication. AGC Community Flow also incorporated the AppExchange app Drawloop to automate the generation of certification documents upon application submission. Within the user interface of the community, users could readily access and download their individually generated documents, thereby streamlining the documentation process.

  • Results and Benefits:

Due to the collaboration with AGC Community Flow, the client was able to accomplish the following results:

Centralized User Data Flow: By implementing AGC Community Flow's solutions, the client is now able to capture user data through a singular, unified flow. This certification process optimization eliminates data fragmentation and reduces manual labor.

Real-Time Communication: Customers now receive real-time updates on certificate submission and payment status via automated email alerts. This enhanced communication system increases customer satisfaction and decreases application-related questions.

Efficient Document Generation: Upon application submission, the integration of the Drawloop app automates the generation of certification documents. Within the community, users can easily access and download their documents, sparing them time and enhancing their overall experience.

Through their partnership with AGC Community Flow, the client was able to overcome obstacles in capturing user information, processing payments, and enhancing communication and documentation. With a centralized flow for data capture, real-time communication updates, and automated document generation, the certification processes for the client have become more streamlined, efficient, and customer-centric.