Service Lightning Customization and Scheduling Optimization Solution for Deck Resurfacing and Coating Firm

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Service Lightning Customization and Scheduling Optimization Solution for Deck Resurfacing and Coating Firm

Client Overview

Blueflame Labs collaborated with a customer in the industry of deck resurfacing and coating. The client offers deck resurfacing and coating services as part of customer-selected bundles. Customers can submit service requests via the client's website, which is integrated with Salesforce for operations management.

Project Overview

The client desired to use Salesforce's Field Service Lightning (FSL) to automate and optimize service appointments assigned to resources. They were faced with a number of obstacles, including the need to convert multi-day service appointments to single-day appointments and enhance scheduling optimization. In addition, they required the ability to assign appointments based on resource ratings and to schedule appointments based on weather conditions appropriate for particular work categories.

Challenges Faced

The division of multi-day services. Standard FSL functionality reserves a resource's calendar for the duration of multiple-day service appointments. This resulted in inefficient optimization and resource utilization. The client desired to create a new service appointment for each day until the end of the appointment duration.

Based on weather conditions for scheduling. Standard FSL features did not permit appointment scheduling based on the weather conditions required for various categories of work. The client required more control to schedule appointments based on weather conditions suitable for specific types of work, despite its consideration of severe weather.

Blueflame Labs' Solution

Blueflame Labs implemented the following solutions to address the client's challenges and requirements:

Multi-Day Service Splitting: Blueflame Labs modified the FSL system to automatically divide multi-day service appointments into single-day appointments. This enabled for enhanced optimization of scheduling and resource utilization.

Weather-Based Scheduling: Blueflame Labs developed an automation solution that analyzed the weather conditions necessary for various categories of work. The system took these conditions into account when scheduling appointments, ensuring that they were scheduled during appropriate weather conditions for the particular work type.

Profiles, Permission Sets, and Work Rules: Based on the client's specifications, Blueflame Labs crafted individualized profiles and permission sets. This improved the administration and control of user permissions and access. When designating and scheduling appointments, work rules and scheduling policies were also implemented to account for factors such as weather conditions and resource ratings.


Results and Benefits

Through the expertise and solutions of Blueflame Labs, the client accomplished significant enhancements to their service operations:

Superior Resource Utilization: By dividing multi-day services into single-day appointments, the client maximized their utilization of available resources. No longer were resources reserved for the duration of multi-day appointments, allowing for improved resource allocation and scheduling.

Enhancement of Customer Experience:  The client was able to provide an improved customer experience as a result of more efficient scheduling and resource allocation. Customers received service appointments in a timely manner, and their needs were better met.

Optimized Operations: Blueflame Labs' implementation of a customized FSL solution and automation streamlined the client's operations. Appointment scheduling based on weather conditions and resource ratings increased overall productivity and decreased manual intervention.

The customization and optimization of Salesforce's Field Service Lightning by Blueflame Labs provided the client with a robust, custom-tailored solution. By dividing multi-day appointments, factoring in weather conditions, and incorporating resource ratings, the client's resource utilization, customer service, and operations were enhanced. With Blueflame Labs' assistance, the client was able to maximize Salesforce FSL's capabilities, resulting in a more efficient and effective deck resurfacing and coating service.