Payment Solution for Automotive Engineering Firm

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Payment Solution for Automotive Engineering Firm


Our client specializes in the design, testing, and construction of products for future everyday flights. With their expertise in automotive engineering, advanced manufacturing, industrial design, and regulatory compliance, they have gained significant recognition in their domain.

The client relies on Salesforce for managing customer and product details, enabling them to provide premium service and maintain comprehensive records within Salesforce CRM.


  1. Lack of a reliable payment processing solution for product purchases.
  2. Inability to offer multiple payment options, resulting in poor customer experience.
  3. Absence of a payment facility for non-Salesforce users.

How Blue Flame Labs Helped

To address these challenges, we implemented a payment solution using an appexchange app for seamless payment processing. Our approach included the following:

  1. Implemented a Public Site Visualforce Page dedicated to product payments, ensuring that all transaction details were stored in the related opportunity record.
  2. Developed a custom solution using Visualforce (VF) pages and APIs, enabling payments to be made in installments through various methods such as Credit Card, ACH, Wire Transfer, and Escrow.
  3. Utilized custom settings for the Escrow and Wire Transfer payment methods, allowing for efficient data storage and display.
  4. Designed a solution that sends the payment link to non-Salesforce users via email when they click on the "Request Payment through Email" button.
  5. Established a payment history table to display comprehensive transaction records, facilitating easy access for users.


Through the collaboration with Blue Flame Labs, the client achieved the following results:

  1. Improved payment processing efficiency, leading to a 42% reduction in payment collection time.
  2. Implementation of features such as stored payment methods, future scheduled transactions, and automated retry logic for payments, resulting in fewer transaction issues with credit cards, debit cards, and ACH bank accounts.
  3. Ability to receive payments from non-Salesforce users, expanding the client's customer base and revenue streams.

At Blueflame Labs, we are dedicated to providing innovative solutions that address our client's unique challenges. This case study demonstrates our expertise in Salesforce customization and integration, enabling organizations to optimize their payment processes and enhance customer satisfaction.