Google Map Integration Solution for Real Estate Firm

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Google Map Integration Solution for Real Estate Firm

Project Overview

Blueflame Labs had the opportunity to collaborate with one of the leading real estate companies that specializes in buying and selling properties. This client prides itself on delivering exceptional service by leveraging technology and employing a dedicated professional team. Our goal was to provide them with a solution that would enhance their customer experience and optimize their team's productivity.

Executive Summary

The client relied on Salesforce to manage customer and professional team details, enabling them to offer top-notch service. However, they faced challenges in effectively managing multiple customers and opportunities within a day. This resulted in the underutilization of their team's potential and impacted overall productivity and the customer experience.


  • Inefficient management of multiple customers and opportunities.
  • Underutilization of the professional team's capabilities.
  • Subpar productivity and customer experience.

Blueflame Labs Solutions

Blueflame Labs implemented a robust solution by integrating the Google Maps API into the Salesforce platform. We developed a Visualforce page that dynamically displayed the related account addresses of the opportunities being worked on by the professional team. By leveraging the power of Google Maps, our solution enabled the team to visualize and efficiently plan customer meetings.

Key features of our solution included:

  • Real-time population of Google Maps within Salesforce.
  • Pinpointing account addresses on the map for easy reference during customer meetings.
  • Dynamic display of addresses based on the specific stages of the opportunities.


Through our collaboration with Blueflame Labs, the client experienced remarkable improvements in their team's productivity and customer experience. Our solution enabled them to:

Save Time: The integrated Google Maps solution streamlined the process of locating and planning customer meetings, saving valuable time for the professional team.

Efficient Customer Management: With the ability to visualize account addresses on the map, the team gained a comprehensive understanding of their customers' locations, allowing for more personalized service and efficient travel planning.

Increased ROI: By optimizing their team's productivity and enhancing customer satisfaction, the client achieved higher returns on their real estate investments.


The client's dedication to excellence in the real estate market, combined with our innovative Google Map integration solution, solidified their position as the best in the industry.

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