Empowering a Telecommunication Client with Custom Salesforce Solutions

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Empowering a Telecommunication Client with Custom Salesforce Solutions

Project Overview

Our client operates in the telecommunications industry, providing affordable and scalable fiber-based connectivity through an exceptional end-to-end fiber network. Blue Flame Labs has been collaborating with this client for over a year, delivering multiple successful projects. This case study highlights a major project that aimed to optimize data integration using Salesforce.

Executive Summary

The client had been relying on a third-party application for data integration between their online accounting system and Salesforce. However, this solution was costly and raised concerns about data security. Additionally, there was a significant amount of manual effort involved in importing data into the Xero app using Excel sheets. The client's primary objective was to develop an in-house application and eliminate dependency on a subscription-based third-party solution.


  1. Costly third-party application: The existing data integration solution incurred high expenses for the client.
  2. Data security concerns: Relying on a third-party app raised apprehensions about the safety and confidentiality of sensitive data.
  3. Manual effort and inefficiency: Excel sheets were used to manually import data into the Xero app, resulting in time-consuming and error-prone processes.
  4. Desire for an in-house solution: The client aimed to develop their own application to have complete control over the integration process.

Solutions By Blueflame Labs

Blue Flame Labs stepped in to address these challenges and provide a tailored solution for our client's data integration needs. Here's how we assisted them:


  1. Private authentication method: We developed a private authentication method for integrating Xero with Salesforce, ensuring secure data transfer.
  2. Customization and automation: We implemented customizations to streamline the manual import process, reducing the reliance on Excel sheets. This resulted in improved efficiency and reduced human errors.
  3. Seamless data synchronization: Leveraging Visualforce (VF) pages and Triggers, we enabled the automatic syncing of accounting data from Salesforce to the Xero app. This ensured that the client's financial information was always up-to-date and accurate.
  4. Invoice attachment: We integrated Xero-generated invoices seamlessly into opportunity records within Salesforce, providing a holistic view of customer interactions and financial data.


Thanks to the collaboration with Blueflame Labs, our client successfully achieved their goal of having an in-house application that seamlessly integrates their accounting data with Xero. The implementation of private authentication and two-way sync has significantly enhanced data security and operational efficiency. The client experienced a notable reduction in manual effort, resulting in improved productivity and streamlined processes.


By partnering with Blueflame Labs, our client gained a robust and scalable solution that not only addressed their specific challenges but also provided a solid foundation for future growth and innovation.


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