Building Multiple Solutions For a Premium Eyewear Manufacturer

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Building Multiple Solutions For a Premium Eyewear Manufacturer

Project Overview

Blueflame Labs served as the development partner for a premium eyewear manufacturer in Europe, catering to multiple brands. Our team of approximately 30 developers worked on various projects to support the client's B2B and B2C business processes. This case study highlights the custom solutions provided by Blueflame Labs, addressing the client's unique challenges and delivering effective results.

Executive Summary

Blueflame Labs partnered with the eyewear manufacturer to build multiple solutions, covering areas such as B2B and B2C commerce, sales management, marketing automation, appointment management, learning management, and customer service. By leveraging Salesforce's robust platform and integrating with external systems, we provided tailored solutions that met the client's specific requirements. Our expertise in Salesforce customization, integration, and development enabled us to deliver a comprehensive suite of solutions for their eyewear business.


The client faced various challenges in their business processes, including the need for advanced customization beyond Salesforce's out-of-the-box features. They required a flexible B2B e-commerce portal to accommodate complex product bundles, extensive product visibility options, and diverse product offerings based on country-specific requirements.


Additionally, they wanted seamless integration between Salesforce and their ERP system for efficient data synchronization. The client also sought to track B2C consumers, manage appointments, implement a learning management system, and streamline customer service processes.

Solutions provided by Blueflame Labs

  1. B2B Commerce Cloud: We developed a fully customized solution within Salesforce's B2B Commerce Cloud, surpassing the limitations of standard features. Our solution allowed the client to manage backend product assignments, enhance filtering options, and enable advanced product visibility. Integration with their ERP system ensured continuous synchronization of master data. We also implemented additional features like virtual try-on, customization options, and slider filters on the product listing page.
  2. B2B Sales Cloud: Our team leveraged Salesforce's Sales Cloud to empower account executives and sales managers to track activities, maintain data for reporting, and enhance productivity. We developed custom solutions using accounts, events, and custom objects. Additionally, we created a Salesforce mobile app for account executives to track visits, make presentations, and integrate with the ERP and media hub.
  3. B2C Sales Cloud and Marketing Cloud: We enabled seamless tracking of B2C consumers from the client's website to Salesforce, utilizing custom APIs for data integration. This data was then leveraged in Salesforce Marketing Cloud to create personalized marketing campaigns and newsletters, enhancing customer engagement.
  4. B2C Appointment Management: Blueflame Labs created a custom appointment management system that facilitated logging, tracking, and management of appointments between end consumers and opticians. Using custom APIs, opticians could efficiently update and track appointments within the Salesforce portal.
  5. Learning Management System: We developed a learning management app to track tutorials and training completion for each optician. This system allowed capturing points for each session completed, with an opportunity for opticians to redeem these points for orders within the B2B portal. Integration with a third-party tool facilitated tutorial management, progress tracking, and key performance indicator (KPI) monitoring.
  6. B2B and B2C Service Cloud: All cases and inquiries raised through the client's website were seamlessly tracked within Salesforce. Cases related to shipments were updated in an external system, while other cases were addressed by the internal customer support agents using Salesforce's B2B and B2C Service Cloud.


The solutions provided by Blueflame Labs helped the eyewear manufacturer overcome their specific challenges and achieve significant outcomes. By implementing customizations, integrating with external systems, and leveraging Salesforce's capabilities, we enabled the client to streamline their B2B and B2C business processes, resulting in the following benefits:


  1. Enhanced B2B E-commerce Experience: The custom B2B Commerce Cloud solution allowed opticians and B2B retailers to order eyewear easily. The advanced product listing, filter functionalities, and streamlined checkout process improved the overall user experience. The flexibility provided by the custom solution enabled the client to handle complex product bundles, varied product visibility, and country-specific offerings effectively.
  2. Seamless Integration and Data Sync: The integration between Salesforce and the client's ERP system ensured continuous data synchronization. This integration enabled the client to maintain their master data in the ERP system while making it accessible for the e-commerce portal, resulting in improved data accuracy and efficiency.
  3. Personalized B2C Marketing Campaigns: The integration between the client's website and Salesforce Marketing Cloud allowed for seamless tracking of B2C consumers. This integration facilitated the creation of personalized marketing campaigns and newsletters, leading to improved customer engagement and conversions.


  1. Efficient Appointment Management: The custom appointment management system streamlined the process of logging, tracking, and managing appointments between consumers and opticians. Opticians could easily update and track appointments within the Salesforce portal, resulting in improved appointment scheduling and customer satisfaction.
  2. Enhanced Learning and Development: The learning management app-enabled tracking of tutorials and training completion for each optician. By capturing points for completed sessions and providing opportunities to redeem them, the app motivated opticians to participate in training programs and improved their overall knowledge and expertise.
  3. Streamlined Customer Service: With the implementation of B2B and B2C Service Cloud, all cases and inquiries raised from the website were efficiently tracked within Salesforce. This streamlined the customer service process, allowing internal support agents to address cases promptly and provide better service to customers.


Blueflame Labs successfully partnered with premium eyewear manufacturers to overcome their unique challenges and deliver effective solutions. By leveraging the capabilities of Salesforce, integrating with external systems, and providing customizations, we helped the client improve their B2B and B2C business processes. The implemented solutions resulted in enhanced e-commerce experiences, streamlined sales, and marketing processes, efficient appointment management, improved learning and development opportunities, and streamlined customer service. Blueflame Labs continues to support the client, ensuring their business processes are optimized and aligned with their goals.