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What is .NET 8?

Microsoft. NET 8 could be a set and it’s estimated to be released in November 2023. With its release, .NET 8 brings a plethora of new features, enhancements, and improvements that empower developers to build robust, scalable, and high-performance applications. In this article, Blueflame Labs, Microsoft Consulting Services, will explore some of the key features and discuss how they can benefit you as a developer.

Native Support for Async Streams:

One of the most significant additions in .NET 8 is the native support for asynchronous streams. Asynchronous streams enable developers to efficiently process large data sets, such as streaming data from a database or an API, without blocking the execution. With async streams, you can consume data in a sequential and asynchronous manner, improving the responsiveness and scalability of your applications.

Improved Application Performance with JIT Compiler:

.NET 8 introduces a new Just-In-Time (JIT) compiler known as “RyuJIT”. This compiler leverages hardware capabilities to optimize the performance of your applications. By utilizing features like enhanced loop unrolling, vectorization, and better code inlining, .NET 8 delivers substantial performance improvements, making your applications faster and more efficient.


C# 10 Language Enhancements:

As the best Microsoft Consulting Services, we are often asked about the language enhancements. .NET 8 comes bundled with C# 10, the latest version of the C# programming language. C# 10 brings a variety of new language features and enhancements, including record structs, global using directives, interpolated strings as format strings, and more. These language enhancements enable developers to write cleaner, more expressive code, and enhance productivity. C# 10 introduces global using directives, which allow you to import namespaces globally across the entire source file without the need to specify them individually in each code file. This feature simplifies the process of importing commonly used namespaces and reduces code verbosity.

Source Generators:

Source generators are a powerful new feature introduced in .NET 8. They allow developers to generate code dynamically during compilation, opening new possibilities for automating repetitive tasks, reducing boilerplate code, and improving developer productivity. Source generators provide a way to inspect your code and generate additional source code based on annotations or other criteria.


Improved Containerization with Docker Support:

.NET 8 further strengthens its support for containerization by providing enhanced integration with Docker. You can now take advantage of improved Docker tooling, enabling easier containerization and deployment of your .NET applications. This streamlined process facilitates building scalable and portable applications across different platforms and environments.

Enhanced Web Application Development with Blazor:

Blazor, the popular web framework for building interactive client-side web applications using C# and .NET, receives significant enhancements in .NET 8. With improved performance, smaller download sizes, and enhanced debugging capabilities, Blazor in .NET 8 offers an even more compelling solution for full-stack web development. Blazor in .NET 8 offers significant performance improvements over its previous versions. It includes runtime optimizations, reduced memory usage, and faster rendering, resulting in improved overall performance and snappier user experiences. Additionally, Blazor in .NET 8 boasts faster startup times, allowing users to quickly load and interact with web applications. .NET 8 extends the capabilities of Blazor to desktop application development. With frameworks like Electron.NET and BlazorWebView, developers can build hybrid desktop applications that leverage the power of web technologies and the rich capabilities of .NET. This opens new possibilities for creating cross-platform desktop applications using familiar web development tools and techniques. .NET 8 enhances the debugging and tooling experience for Blazor developers. It offers better integration with popular development tools, such as Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code, providing improved code navigation, debugging capabilities, and an overall smoother development workflow.

Simplified Output Paths:

.NET 8 has introduced a new option to simplify the output path and folder structure. In the previous version .NET apps create complex version for output paths for different build artifacts. In the new version it overcomes all the complex versions for output paths & makes it simpler. Use following properties in your  Directory.Build.props file to select new output path formats:

  • Add an Artifacts Path property with a value of $(MSBuildThisFileDirectory)artifacts (or whatever you want the folder location to be), OR
  • To use the default location, simply set the UseArtifactsOutput property to true.

Alternatively, run dotnet new buildprops –use-artifacts and the template will generate the Directory.Build.props file for you


Improved JSON APIs:

.NET 8 introduces enhanced JSON APIs, making it easier to work with JSON data in your applications. With the new JsonSerializer API, you can serialize and deserialize JSON data efficiently and seamlessly integrate it into your .NET applications.

Hot Reload:

Hot Reload is a game-changer for developers in .NET 8. It allows you to make changes to your code during runtime without restarting the application. With Hot Reload, you can instantly see the impact of your code changes, speeding up the development and debugging process.

Azure Functions Integration:

.NET 8 integrates seamlessly with Azure Functions, allowing you to build serverless applications using .NET. You can leverage the power of Azure Functions to easily scale and manage your applications without worrying about infrastructure management. For integration, connect with the Microsoft Consulting Services in India


More Cross-platform Capabilities:

.NET 8 expands its cross-platform capabilities by supporting new platforms and operating systems. It allows you to build and run .NET applications on a broader range of devices and environments, including Windows, Linux, macOS, and ARM-based systems.

Single-File Applications:

.NET 8 enables the creation of single-file applications, which package all the necessary dependencies and runtime into a single executable file. This simplifies deployment and distribution, making it easier to share and run .NET applications across different environments.

Minimal APIs:

.NET 8 introduces the concept of Minimal APIs, which provides a more streamlined and lightweight approach to building web APIs. With Minimal APIs, you can define your endpoints and routes using a simpler syntax, reducing the amount of boilerplate code required and improving developer productivity.

Performance Improvements:

.NET 8 continues to focus on performance enhancements, providing optimizations across the framework. These improvements result in faster startup times, reduced memory footprint, and overall better performance for your .NET applications.


.NET 8 is an exciting release that brings a host of powerful features, performance improvements, and language enhancements to the table. With native support for async streams, improved application performance, C# 10 language features, source generators, enhanced containerization with Docker, and the evolution of Blazor, .NET 8 empowers developers to build modern, high-performance applications with ease. So, dive into the world of .NET 8 and unlock new possibilities for your development journey. If you are interested to explore more about it, connect to the Blueflame Labs, Microsoft Consulting Services, and experience .NET 8 first-hand. Get in touch today!

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