Salesforce Einstein Bots to Boost Productivity of Service Teams

Salesforce Einstein Bots to Boost Productivity of Service Teams

Good and Bad Service:

The Business is running smoothly. Your company is selling more products by the day, everyday. But remember,

“With more power, comes more responsibility”

Selling is not the end of your engagement with a customer. After selling you need to be focused on providing service to customers. Yes, service is the key to be more successful in a longer run. If you fail to provide good service, you may end up losing your client.

Think about this, you purchased a shiny brand-new car from a car dealership. This car dealership also provides services. One fine day, you gave your car to their service center and they didn’t perform well on your car. You get disappointed and decide to move on to the next service center for your car’s better future.

The customer always wants a good service after purchasing your product in every aspect. It can be installing a new network connection, purchasing a car or buying a new cell phone etc.

Time theory of Agents:

Are we talking about 007 James Bond agent? The answer is no. We are talking about service agents. Bob is managing a service team. His team does a lot of hard work and give their best to resolve the client’s issues. They have already won lots of best service provider awards.

Let’s take an example of the Jim. Jim is a service agent in the company. He is getting 10-15 questions on how to reset the password of a network modem. Jim is working hard resolving the service queries in a good way. Each case is taking 10 minutes for Jim to answer. That totals up to 150 minutes for 15 cases with the same query. That’s a lot of time, right? Well, there can be lots of possible cases that don’t need the human touch. Cases that can be solved automatically.

Yes, you heard right. Salesforce Einstein Bots can save Jim’s 150 Minutes daily and Jim can put his attention to solve another critical case. Now imagine how much time can be saved and how well the service can be optimized with a lot of agents working on critical cases that require human involvement.

Time = Money = Growth

What are Salesforce Einstein Bots?

Salesforce Einstein Bots are smart chat systems built with Natural Language Process (NLP). They can be built within the Salesforce system. They are fast and reliable. Customer will interact with Einstein Bots, whenever they have any query. Einstein bots will try to handle the customer’s query. If bots are not able to solve the case, then it will be transferred to the human agency.

With Salesforce Einstein Bots, bring a little smartness to all the hard work that your service teams are putting in. After all, happy employees = great service = happy customers.

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