JRG Group & Capital One Dreamforce 2017 Panel Discussion

Jacquelyn Roberts of The JRG Group, LLC along with the Capital One Team presented at Dreamforce 2017. The topic of the Panel Discussion was “Enabling DevOps Journey with Maturity Model and Value Stream Framework”.

Jacquelyn heads The JRG Group, a boutique consulting firm specializing in Salesforce.com Implementation, Training and Solution Architecture.

Focused points in the panel discussion:

a) DevOps Governance based on Centre of Enablement approach (myTrailhead)       

b) Application Lifecycle tools & processes for agile project management.

c) Version Control as the single source of truth for code changes

d) Trusted Environment & Test data management

e) Code reviews & compliance checks for automated testing


What is DevOps?

It is an integration of Development and Operation which connects different things to different people. DevOps journey binds Technology management, Culture, and Process Workflows together. This helps in Faster and better quality of software releases.

Capital One is a Recognised DevOps leader, AutoRabit customer

Why DevOps?

From company perspective, technology is a key role. They found it more reliable and efficient in making business line easier, quicker time to market, solve business need and streamlining development process. It gives a quick deployment as code is always ready to deploy.

For Capital One – Deployment time was reduced by 70-80% with DevOps

Jacquelyn said, “DevOps: Salesforce implementation and management, capabilities of resources and tool, agile” DevOps Journey: Governance Model in place. She added,” DevOps is changing the way you work”

Governance Model

How Operations team, Development team and project management team play together?

myTrailhead is a good platform to start learning governance model.

Governance approach of Capital one:

New Trailhead would definitely help to define strategies.

Jacquelyn’s view on Governance: Business objectives are like the pillars to the house you build. They should be clearly defined for development practice along with the Best practices from development team and Roadmap from operations team.

User stories or business requirements should revolve around New customers experiencing the agile way.

Jacquelyn said that Role of the user stories in connection with development, should support program and develop features. Processes defined should support business objectives.

Capital One: Individual user stories or business requirements – connect to users –support agile program.

Start User Stories with JIRA- development- automation: start with process and end with JIRA


DevOps practice is to use Version control – metadata

CapitalOne: AutoRabit- duplicates findings – merging

Challenges are: To find out Branches if overlap code. In Version control, branches are good. And how it is going to master branch is the trickiest part. So, merge your code efficiently with AutoRabit.

Jacquelyn: What are the best practices to compile, check and code review?

AutoRabit tools: Incorporate from development to system integration before UAT. There are a number of tools which gives immediate reply.

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