Business happens at the speed of Trust and Trust lives on Blockchain and Salesforce

Business happens at the speed of Trust and Trust lives on Blockchain and Salesforce


Sell, Market and Service with Worlds #1 CRM Platform”, that’s the message you would read on Salesforce website home page.  Well this is true! With an exceptional Q4 growth, Salesforce achieved the $10 billion milestone for the year 2017 where no other enterprise software company has achieved this scale faster than Salesforce. With their continued focus on customer success; trust, innovation, growth and equality are the four crucial pillars positioning Salesforce as a global leader in CRM.


Not only is Salesforce Worlds #1 CRM Platform but also ranked as #1 most Innovative Company by Forbes. Ranging from Cloud, Mobile, Social, IoT, Artificial Intelligence and now Blockchain Salesforce has democratized Enterprise Technology and made available to business of all sizes spread across the world.  This consistency of delivering powerful and innovative technology tools to SalesforceOhana they empower them to work smarter, make decisions faster and connect with customers in completely new ways. With all the services and features a natural extension of Salesforce offering is TRUST.




I am sure most of you have heard of Blockchain and TRUST being the consequent or one of the crucial words that follow. So far the technology behind Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies, Blockchain has been on the agenda of CXO’s worldwide as Blockchain holds the promise to transform industry operating models, a model to add TRUST to UN-TRUSTED environments and reduce business friction by providing transparent access to the valuable information.


No doubt everyone is aware of Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and a hundred others along with their sky-rocketing dollar prices. For instance May 2010 the value of Bitcoin was less than $0.01 and within 7 years, dated 15th December 2017 the value was at the highest of $17,900. But not just the cryptocurrency aspect but its underlying technology, Blockchain adoption also had sky-rocketed in the past years and expected to increase exponentially as depicted in the graph below:


Source: Statista- Size of Blockchain technology market worldwide from 2016 to 2021 (in million US Dollars)




When the fastest-growing enterprise software company of all time talks, it is worth your while to listen.


Experts all around the world are anticipating increased usage of Blockchain CRM technology over the next decade and numerous POC’s and pilot projects proving that Blockchain CRM technology will find application in business verticals including healthcare, insurance, utilities, government, supply chain, publishing and real estate, etc.


Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff has revealed that Salesforce is working on a product based on Blockchain technology. This all started when he was attending The World Economic Forum, Davos Switzerland which coincided with a Cryptocurrency conference.  Benioff’s conversation with one of the attendees led him to consider the ways his company could integrate Blockchain technology with Salesforce.


Also recently at a Salesforce conference “Fast and Secure Blockchain Integration with Salesforce CPQ” conducted by Bruce Richardson- Chief Enterprise Strategist, Market Strategy and Annie Wright- Director of Product Marketing Salesforce CPQ; the collaboration between Salesforce and Dapps Inc (a Premier Blockchain Company and a Registered Salesforce ISV) was discussed.


Marc Wolenik-former Head of Blockchain Innovation and Dominic Steil-CTO at Dapps Inc were the key speakers at the conference. Marc defined Blockchain as, “Blockchain is typically described as a digitized & decentralized, public private or permissioned ledger of all transactions” and shed light on the potential of Salesforce and Blockchain integration. This conference also comprised of a deep-dive session how Salesforce CPQ and Dapps Inc deliver complete Blockchain solutions.


An interesting demo of a Supply Chain & Logistics was also in the agenda. The problem statement was around- Elimination the paper trail as the goods moves from the origin to consumption and ensuring the journey of trusted data.  Dapps Inc team used Blockchain enabled Salesforce CPQ to demo the end-to-end solution.


In 2017, Dapps Inc announced the release of the Blockchain Application Management (BAM) suite, a natively built managed application suite for


BAM suite; built on is a powerful cloud-based computing interface designed to incorporate business processes with the Blockchain of your choice, through the Salesforce Lightning Experience interface.


With BAM suite users can work directly with their customer data and business processes and the application provides a single user interface for the development and management of Blockchain smart contracts, eliminating the need for multiple tools. If you haven’t explored the BAM suite yet this is your time to do so.


Knowing the disrupter and the thought leader mind, Marc Benioff always has a way of looking at things with a beginners mind.  With this thinking the company is all set towards developing Blockchain and Cryptocurrency solution.  For investors, that means Salesforce could be the latest way to take advantage of the cryptocurrency boom!


So this Dreamforce, 2018 the Blockchain release will be a key highlight of the event, excited?


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