6 Must-Use Pardot features to refine your Marketing

6 Must-Use Pardot features to refine your Marketing


Pardot is a marketing automation tool by Salesforce that helps you automate marketing tasks and processes. As your company grows and you collect more leads and deal with more customers, it will be most important to have a process to manage how you nurture and track your leads. In addition, it provides more details about your prospect’s activities, such as the links they clicked in your email newsletter. This will help your sales reps to know the prospects’ interest & close them efficiently.


Features & Benefits:


1. Workflow:


One of Pardot’s best features is their lead nurturing campaigns (also called drip programs). Lead nurturing campaigns are useful and efficient for engaging potential customers with content and offers; you can set up the campaign once and use the workflow multiple times for different leads. Lead nurturing forbids your sales reps from wasting time talking and converting prospects who aren’t sales-ready.


With Pardot’s click and drag interface, you can easily set up workflows. There is also reporting available on each step in the workflow and other analytics available to help you improve your campaign.


2. Tracking Prospect’s Activities:


Using separate systems to monitor your website analytics, email marketing and landing pages can be quite cumbersome. Rather, being able to consolidate and attribute activities to individual prospects can be greatly advantageous. And Pardot makes this possible. Pardot gives complete information about each prospect and what content they looked at, which means you can have more meaningful sales conversations.


3. Lead Scoring Model:


This feature ensures that prospects match your ideal prospect profile before they are sent to sales for follow up. A lead score is based on a prospect’s activity levels, and a lead grade is assigned based on how good of a fit they are for your product or service.


4. Email Marketing:


Marketing automation goes beyond basic email sending. With Pardot’s Marketing Automation, you can test your email content, preview your emails across various platforms and devices, test your emails across top SPAM filters and get advanced email reporting.


5. Dynamic Content:


Dynamic content, in layman’s term, is HTML content that changes based on the viewer of your website, landing pages or emails. As people match the criteria you set for your dynamic content, a variation of content will display that’s relevant to that viewer. With the help of Pardot’s Dynamic Content tool, you can easily create dynamic content and set it to a specific criteria. Once done, you can copy the HTML code and paste it on your website or landing page. If the visitor is a prospect in Pardot, he/she will be seeing personalized content.


6. Landing Pages:


Landing pages are important part of Lead generation. And Pardot allows you to create custom landing pages to match beautifully with your brand. And you don’t even need HTML to accomplish that!


An example of Pardot implementation in a Retail Business:


Suppose you have a retail business. Let’s say, a coffee shop.


You have your products listed on your website & you want to track the activities of the visitors. You can create landing pages & forms with the help of Pardot which doesn’t even require you to know HTML & coding stuff.


Pardot’s most powerful tools take care of tracking your prospect and visitor activities. You can easily find out who is viewing your site, how long they’re spending on each page, what kind of content they’re engaging with, when they’re viewing your pricing page etc.


Also, if you know some set of people who are interested in buying your products, you can create Email Marketing campaigns in Pardot which will help you to shoot an email to n-number of people at a time & the best part is you will get to know who has shown interest in your product with the help of Pardot. These tools will help you to know the click through rates, etc.


You can further personalize your emails using segmentation to reach out to specific audiences. Send emails to different groups based on their job titles, product interest, location, and more.


These features will eventually help you to get more quality leads which will eventually be helpful for the sales team to convert them into customers. So if you want to increase your growth in less amount of time, then Pardot is the best fit for you.


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